What are some of the challenges that arise when creating a DevOps pipeline?

In this age of technological explosions, DevOps presents a variety of problems. Most of the time, it has to do with data migration and quickly introducing new functionality. If data migration fails, the system may become unstable, which can lead to problems further down the road.

However, inside the CI system, this may be handled by using a feature flag, which aids in incremental product releases. This, together with the rollback feature, can help mitigate some of the issues.

Some issues I feel everyone faces.

  1. Effective communication and getting the upto date, and correct information from the various teams.
  2. How much and what to automate. There are a few tasks which are easy to automate, but rarely performed. Some are regularly done, but the automation is complex. And various other factors influence the decision making.
  3. During release/deployment, if some environment error is found it becomes a pain.
  4. Automation of performance tests is always difficult.