What are some of the area of Improvement on Being a Good Manager?

  • Hone Your Motivational Skills : [Motivating your employees] isn’t always the easiest task but it is crucial. As a manager, this is one skill you need to sharpen on a regular basis. With high employee morale, there is an increase in [productivity and efficiency in the workplace]. This leads employees to enjoy the atmosphere and company culture while being driven to work more efficiently and productively.

  • Communicate More & Effectively : [Communication should be a two-way street]. Your company isn’t a dictatorship so your voice isn’t the only one that should be heard. To really motivate your team and increase productivity, you need to listen to what your employees have to say.

  • Gratitude and Recognition Go a Long Way : Employees really appreciate [genuine and specific recognition] from managers, senior management, and coworkers. They feel great in their job role and feel appreciated which leads to a happier, more productive employee – which only means a better bottom line.

  • Set Clear Goals : Your employees can only do their best work if they have clear goals to follow. It is vital that managers effectively delegate both the responsibility for completing the task and the authority required to get the job done. Whatever you do, don’t micromanage and control every little thing.

  • Don’t Be A Hypocrite : As a leader, you don’t want to fall into the trap of “do what I say and not as I do.” You must set an example if. If you want your team to respect and listen to you then you have to follow your own rules, that’s how to be a good manager 101. It doesn’t make any sense to hold your employees accountable if you aren’t working just as hard.

  • One-on-One Meetings Are Important : Regardless of tight your schedule is, you must make time for your employees. Apart from holding team meetings, make sure you carve out room for one-on-one meetings as well.

  • Delegate : Three types of managers exist in this case:

  1. Those who do everything,
  2. Those who do practically nothing, and
  3. Those who strategically delegate.
  • Welcome New Ideas and Approaches : Most managers are cautious when taking risks and trying new methods and approaches. After all, if anything doesn’t pan out then they’re on the hook. However, [welcoming and trying new ideas and approaches ]is a huge part of being a good manager.