What are some mistakes that one should not make in a campus placement interview of Deloitte?

Following are some of the typical interview traps that an individual must avoid in order to be a suitable hire for the company:

  1. An interview should not be confused with an interrogation - The majority of candidates anticipate being questioned. When one person asks all the questions and the other response, it is called an interrogation. A business interview is a conversation in which both parties ask and answer questions. Candidates who anticipate being grilled refrain from asking questions, making the interviewer the hesitant interrogator.

  2. Make weaknesses seem positive - Highlight a talent you’d like to develop and explain what you’re doing to improve it.

  3. Researching about the company - Candidates mentally prepare for the interview by researching the firm. The majority of job applicants do not conduct self-research by assessing their experience, knowledge, and skills. Making a list of achievements allows you to react quickly to any query regarding your experience. You must be willing to talk about any aspect of your past.