What are some misconceptions about Artificial intelligence?

There are lots of misconceptions about artificial intelligence since starting its evolution. Some of these misconceptions are given below:

  • AI does not require humans: The first misconception about AI is that it does not require human. But in reality, each AI-based system is somewhere dependent on humans and will remain. Such as it requires human gathered data to learn about the data.
  • AI is dangerous for humans: AI is not inherently dangerous for humans, and still, it has not reached the super AI or strong AI, which is more intelligent than humans. Any powerful technology cannot be harmful if it is not misused.
  • AI has reached its peak stage: Still, we are so far away from the peak stage of the AI. It will take a very long journey to reach its peak.
  • AI will take your job: It is one of the biggest confusions that AI will take most of the jobs, but in reality, it is giving us more opportunities for new jobs.
  • AI is new technology: Although some people think that it is a new technology, this technology actually first thought in the year 1840 through an English newspaper.