What are some misconceptions about AI?

Since the beginning of artificial intelligence’s growth, there have been many misunderstandings regarding it. The following are some of these misunderstandings:

AI does not require humans:
The first myth regarding AI is that it does not require human intervention. However, any AI-based system is and will continue to be dependent on humans in some way. It, for example, needs human-gathered data in order to learn about the data.

AI is dangerous for humans:
AI is not intrinsically hazardous to humans, and it has yet to reach the level of super AI or strong AI, which is clever enough to outperform humans. If strong technology is not exploited, it cannot be dangerous.

AI has reached its peak stage:
Still, we are a long way from reaching AI’s pinnacle. It will take a long time to reach the summit.

AI will take your job:
One of the most common misconceptions is that AI would eliminate most professions, but in truth, it will provide us with more chances for new ones.

AI is new technology:
Despite the fact that some people believe it is a new technology, it was originally thought of in 1840 in an English newspaper.