What are some institutions to enroll if you want to become a data analyst?

Following are some top institutions in India to enroll in if you want to start your career as a data analyst:

Jigsaw Academy

Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti founded the company in 2011 because of their mutual enthusiasm for data and belief in analytics and big data to transform companies’ and individuals’ work lives.

They consider data science to be a necessary life skill, and their ongoing effort to enhance how it is taught has remained a constant factor in what sets Jigsaw Academy apart from other training providers.


In the Edutech industry, AnalytixLabs is a pioneer and a household name.

Since 2011, it has built a reputation for providing high-quality training solutions and has been honing skills by its stated objective.

They are led by industry veterans from McKinsey, IIM, ISB, FMS, and IIT.


Big data, machine learning, AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and other digital technologies and applications are covered by Simplilearn’s outcome-based online training.

Simplilearn has helped over one million individuals and 1,000 businesses in 150 countries get taught, obtain certifications, and achieve their business and career objectives.