What are some important topics to prepare before a data engineering interview?

Are you a student, analyst, engineer, or someone preparing for a data engineering interview and feeling overwhelmed by the fearful number of tools and concepts available?

If that is the case, this article is for you. In this post, we will go over the most common tools and concepts you will need to ace any data engineering interview.

Following are some essential concepts to prepare before your interview:


Any data engineering interview requires an understanding of SQL.

In most cases, the interviewer will hand you an ERD and ask you to write queries in response to analytical questions.


Python is the most often used programming language for data engineering pipelines.

Data Modelling

Data modeling concepts will be tested (e.g., star schema, facts, and dimensions).

Data Pipeline

A question on data pipeline design is common in data engineering interviews.

Testing, backfilling, scalability, handling insufficient data, resolving dependencies, and other topics will be discussed as you create the data pipeline.