What are some HTML and CSS Topics you should prepare for front-end interview?

The bread and butter of front-end development are HTML and CSS.

During interviews, you will almost certainly be quizzed on the intricacies of HTML and CSS. Expect to be asked to code a layout based on a mockup.

Here are a few basic HTML and CSS topics to review if you need a reminder.

  • Animations in CSS
  • Sprites in CSS
  • Pseudo-classes are classes that are not real.
  • Grid-based systems
  • Markup with semantics

In addition to these notions, be familiar with CSS preprocessors such as SASS or LESS and their advantages. Be aware of CSS name conventions such as BEM and OOCSS.

Another item to consider is that interviewers look for applicants who promote CSS best practices. This guide, published by a front-end developer at Medium, is an excellent resource for learning how they came up with their current CSS architecture.

As I explained earlier, some interviews will ask you to rebuild layouts in HTML and CSS. Use a playground like CodePen to practice. Dribbble features many attractive but straightforward designs that would be interesting to reproduce.

Finally, as front-end developers, we are accustomed to making changes in our editor and then checking them in our browser. You will not always have this luxury during interviews. When you are getting ready for your interview, try coding most of your layout without glancing at the ultimate product.