What are some HR questions asked in microsoft interview?

Microsoft’s placement process is very elaborate consists of different stages. However, one of the most dreaded stages is personal interview rounds, where most candidates fail to show their caliber.

Whatsoever, we are here to help you prepare for a personal interview for Microsoft.

HR Round is one of the PI rounds where most candidates do not know what to say or how to prepare for. The HR interview is not a separate round in Microsoft’s placement process. It is generally part of the technical interview round.

The interviewer/panelist generally asked these questions and the technical questions to off-track the candidate’s state of mind.

Some of the commonly asked HR questions, along with how to answer them, is as follows -

Tell me about yourself that is not on your CV.

This question is generally a free ticket for candidates to control the interview, but many candidates fail because they start showing off their CVs again.

To answer this question, candidate must be aware of their CVs, and they should be aware of some interesting points on which the invigilator ask them further cross-questions.

Why do you want to join Microsoft?

This question is generally asked to check the mindset of a candidate and whether they are clear about their goals.

To answer the question, you should be aware of the company and its goals and align your goals with the company.