What are some HR Questions asked in Infosys placement interview?

The HR Interview round is where the higher management decides the fate of a candidate, whether they are the fit for the company or not. A candidate must be well prepared and have a thorough knowledge of their background and company values.

Following are some general questions asked in the HR round interview are as follows:

Describe your management style?

Depending on whatever management expert you listen to, common words such as progressive or consensus can have a variety of interpretations or definitions. The situational style is safe and appropriate for everyone.

Why did you leave your last job?

Always give a positive response when asked why. Never speak ill of or disparage your previous employer. If you do, you will make a wrong impression. Give good reasons for quitting your previous employment.

How would you be an asset to our organization?

Your strengths should be highlighted and communicated to them. This is the exact question where you may confidently win their heart.

Do you have any questions for me?

Prepare some or other questions for the interviewer ahead of time.
For example, When will I be able to participate?