What are some higher-level machine learning jobs?

A few years after working as an engineer or coder, creating or working on a single project is very hectic. Now, it is time for your big promotion. However, you do not know what is next for you.

We are here to answer the following question and tell you some higher-level jobs where you can lead multiple engineers and work on various projects.

Some of the higher-level jobs are as follow:

Product manager

Every sector needs product managers, making this a highly sought-after career. It could be a product- or service-oriented business.

As a product manager, you’ll need to collect and analyze data.

Machine Learning abilities are required to evaluate data and improve the functionality of an organization.

Research scientist

If you are interested and enjoy researching, Machine Learning will empower you and expand your skillset.

A strong background in machine learning might lead to a significant position in a company’s R&D department.

Machine Learning is a subpart of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is anticipated to add 2.3 million jobs by 2020, for a net gain of 500,000 jobs.

Career opportunities for AI workers are projected to grow due to the COVID-19 issue.