What are some Group discussion topics for campus placement for TCS?

Group Discussions are generally a part of the recruitment processes of various companies as it helps them assess how good a candidate is when he is put in front of a group of people. They check the candidate’s communication skills, interest areas, convincing abilities, they try to judge if a candidate is well opinionated, if he/she can listen to others while they are putting forward their points, and then able to find weak areas and put a proper argument forward.

  • Group discussion topics are generally around the domain that the recruiter is hiring for.
  • If the position is for a management trainee, then the GD can be around business-related news, any policy change, and its impact, whether that policy is effective or not.
  • If they hiring for a technical role, it could be related to changes in the technology sector, newer technologies, etc.
  • There are also some general topics for discussion which have been in the grey area in the social setting for years.
    Students can prepare for such topics to be ready for the Group Discussion Process.

• There are generally two reasons why a company conducts a Group Discussion round as a part of their interview process – 1. They want to check the general knowledge of the candidate; 2. They want to assess the behavior of a candidate while communicating in a group.
• The latter is one of the more important reasons why it is conducted. They want to assess it in order to see how a candidate interacts in a group of unknown people.
The following can be some of the topics for a Group Discussion round of TCS:
• A current affair related to the field the recruiter is hiring for.
• If the recruiter wants to check the creative aspect of the candidate, an abstract topic can be a good attempt at the same.
• If the recruiter is hiring for a management position, the topics shall revolve around areas that can assess the decision-making ability of a candidate. E.g. – the impact of a particular policy on the company/industry.
• There can also be some topics that have not come to a definite conclusion over the years and the recruiter wants to understand how opinionated an individual is.