What are some good Python developing projects for Beginners?

Mad Libs
Working on Mad Libs Generator is one of the finest ways to start exploring with hands-on python projects for kids.

This project is ideal for those who are just getting started with software programming. This project will show you how to modify user-inputted data by focusing on strings, variables, and concatenation.

The programme is set up in such a way that users will be asked to submit a sequence of inputs that will be used to create a Mad Lib. Mab lib is a beginner-friendly Python project.

Adjectives, a noun, a pronoun, or anything else could be used as input. The application will take data and rearrange the inputs into a storey template form once all of the inputs have been entered.

Rock, Paper, Scissors – Begin your Python journey with a basic but enjoyable game that everyone is familiar with.
Build a Text Adventure Series — This is a famous Python starter project (it also appears in this book) that will teach students a lot of basic gameplay setup principles that you’ll need in the future for more complex games.
Guessing Game – This is another project for beginners that will help you understand and practise the fundamentals.