What are some good DevOps Engineer projects for Beginners?

Some of the easiest & must be known software for a DevOps Engineer are as mentioned below:

• Git
Git is a distributed multi-user version control system that monitors changes in source code through all phases of the software development lifecycle, making it one of the top DevOps tools (SDLC). Git was created by Linus Torvalds in 2005, although it has only lately gained popularity due to the rise of DevOps principles.

• Jenkins
Jenkins is an open-source mechanization tool for creating an automated pipeline for most processes related to software construction, testing, and deployment. Jenkins also provides a plugin repository that may be used to help the development, deployment, and automation of any project.

• ELK Stack
The popular ELK stack, which combines Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, is the most popular open-source log analytics solution. The ELK stack collects logs from many applications, services servers, and network devices and stores them in a single location.

• Ansible
Ansible is an open-source configuration management system that can automate tasks and orchestrate infrastructure. Continuous deployments, often known as zero-downtime rolling updates, might benefit from it. Ansible is agentless, which means it doesn’t necessitate the installation of any software components or agents on the client workstation.

• Kubernetes
Kubernetes is a carton orchestration system that automates container deployment, scaling, and administration. It is presently maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, despite the fact that it was created by Google. Kubernetes is one of the most important skills for cloud and DevOps professionals.

• Nagios
Nagios is a popular monitoring tool that has been around for quite some time. It continues to monitor apps and servers, and in the event of a breakdown, Nagios will immediately transmit alerts to the team.

• Docker
Docker is a popular container technology for hosting applications and services. It virtualizes operating systems to offer lightweight containers.

• Gradle
Gradle is a well-known build automation tool that can automate builds in a variety of languages and platforms. C, C++, Python, Java, Groovy, and more programming languages are supported.