What are some good Deep Learning frameworks for Beginners?

How to Select the Most Appropriate Deep Learning Framework

There are several deep learning frameworks available. Each of them takes time to master, and some are more suited to specific jobs than others.

With so many options, picking the best deep learning frameworks may be difficult.

In this part, we’ll go through some of the most popular deep learning frameworks to help you pick one that’s right for your project.

Here’s a selection of deep learning frameworks to consider:

• TensorFlow is the first of its kind.
TensorFlow is suitable for both novices and experts in deep learning. The framework necessitates a thorough knowledge of NumPy arrays and Python.

• “PyTorch”
Similarly, PyTorch uses Python. PyTorch an ideal for the larger tasks that involves customization.

TensorFlow and PyTorch both are the most widespread and highly recommended frameworks for deep learning projects.

• Keras
Keras is a TensorFlow-based neural network library that makes machine learning modelling easier. It may be run on either a CPU or a GPU. R, Theano, PlaidML, and Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit may all be utilised with Keras (CNTK). Keras is recognised as one of the best frameworks for novices working on deep learning projects.