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What are some good data science projects?

There is no such categorization of data science projects as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The nature of projects that an individual indulges in should depend largely on the stage of the career that the particular person is in. For starters, they are recommended to download any relevant data set from Kaggle, import it to Python, and perform analysis on top of it to generate useful insights.
For advanced users, they can take up projects such as ‘detecting fake news project using Python’, ‘develop a recommendation engine using collaborative filtering using Python’ etc.
For Data Science you can use a good datasetsome great public datasets on which you can make good data analysis and visulization.
Moreover for more Advanced Machine Learning & Deep Learning Projects you can take inspiration from here.

Well there are n no of Data Scienece Projects
It is basically divided in sub sections like
ML Projects
DL Projects
Data Visualisation Projects
Kaggle Projects
some of them are, Titanic case study,Spam and Ham messages,Breast Cancer prediction and Covid Data Analysis

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