What are some good cyber security projects for the final year?

Following are some good cyber security projects for the final year:

  • Web Application Firewall
  • By cleaning and inspecting HTTP traffic between a web application and the Internet, a Web Application Firewall aids in the protection of web applications.
  • It’s one of the best cyber security assignments because it broadens your understanding of the subject.
  • Website Scrapper
  • A Web Scraper is a program that scrapes or pulls data from websites with great precision.
  • Web scraping, at its most basic level, is the act of gathering data from the internet in any form.
  • Web scraping, on the other hand, allows you to collect data in massive numbers utilizing bots on a large scale.
  • Log Analyzer
  • It’s the method for filtering computer-generated log messages, often known as log events, audit trail records, or just logs.
  • The log analyzer is a useful technique of measurement that provides a clear image of what has happened across the structure.