What are some good cloud engineer projects for Beginners?

Here are the top 11 project ideas for a cloud engineer:
• Cloud-based Attendance Management System
We can scan a student’s/I-card employee using a cloud-enabled automated attendance system, and all the scanned information can be instantly synchronized and saved on the cloud in real-time. Specific data such as in-time, out-time, date, and total working hours can be captured and saved this way.

Companies will also be able to benefit from a more precise remuneration system based on attendance data. The system’s sole drawback is that it requires a solid, dependable internet connection to function properly.

• System for Online Blood Donation
This project concept focuses on developing an online blood bank system that aims to improve the efficiency of blood bank operations.

• A cloud-based online bookstore system
The project would include a database of various books, including title, price, and author. Using SQL and C#, this system may be used to create an online bookshop. The books would be divided into different categories to make it easier for users to find their selected books without getting lost.

• System to Remove Data Redundancy
This research focuses on properly removing unneeded and duplicated data in a short period of time. It accomplishes this by classifying test results as either redundant or false positive.

Then there are other projects like:
• Using SQL injection to detect data leaks
• Bus Pass System on the Cloud
• Developing a Chatbot
• Cloud Computing for Secure Text Transfer
• Phishing website sorting system with smart rules
• Bug-tracking functionality supplied by the cloud
• Offloading computing on Android to the Cloud