What are some emerging startups hiring big data engineers?

In recent years, businesses have begun to discover the utility of extracting actionable insights from enormous swaths of raw data.

This has increased the number of companies entering the analytics field, with some of them leaving a lasting impression on their work and the potential they possess.

Following are some startups working and hiring big data engineers:

Actify Data Labs

With its data platform ADAPTify and dedicated digital lab, the startup helps businesses harness the power of data.

It includes pre-built connectors for all databases, cloud storage, Big Data Storage, and corporate applications.

The platform includes drag-and-drop tools for data quality checking, data wrangling, data mart creation, visualization, and machine learning (ML) model construction.

The company offers data integration, unstructured data management, explainable machine learning models, and model deployment as part of its end-to-end data platform.

Amigo Labs

The firm develops original ideas and solutions to provide businesses an edge and aid in executing successful decision-making processes.

It is also not bound by a specific sector or technology.

Instead, its analytics services offer a wide range of analytical solutions and practically all current data tools and technologies.

It specializes in various areas, including fraud risk analysis, regulatory and compliance analysis, customer analysis, and sales and marketing analysis.

The team consists of experts from several sectors of data analytics.


With easily shared data profiles, metadata and documentation, project templates, and more, Atlan’s data workspace helps bring reproducibility to data and analytics assets.

It allows a wide range of data users to take command of their analytics pipeline by letting analysts work with massive amounts of data, allowing users to prototype big data initiatives quickly, and assisting IT teams in enforcing enterprise-grade security.