What are some developments in blockchain made by JP Morgan?

JP Morgan is not just a bank firm, but it is a technological banking and finance firm.

JP Morgan is one such company that is quick to take new technologies relevant to their industry and implement it as soon as possible.

They develop new ways to implement the latest technology to make their functions and operations more efficient, whether it is implementing Mchine learning/AI or introducing blockchain into their ecosystem.

However, we are here to talk about JP Morgan’s advances in blockchain technology.

JP Morgan has now established itself as a leader in developing private permissioned blockchains used mainly by businesses.

After that, JP Morgan made it open source and invited developers to help them uncover issues and improve them.

According to me, JP Morgan’s only competition in business blockchain Dapp development is IBM Hyperledger Fabric , which has a lot of complexities in development and takes a lot of infrastructures to maintain at a production level.

On the other hand, JP Morgan has taken Ethereum as its foundation and expanded it to make it enterprise-ready, with the ability to run on low-power systems while still performing well.