What are some Data Engineering projects to get started?

Some Data Engineering projects for beginners are :

  • Yelp Data Analysis using Azure Databricks:
    The Yelp dataset is made up of information on Yelp’s companies, user reviews, and other information that has been made freely available for personal, educational, and academic uses. It is provided as JSON files and can be used to train NLP for example production data. In this collection, there are 6,685,900 evaluations, 192,609 businesses, and 200,000 images from 10 metropolitan areas.

  • Creating a Data Repository:
    A data repository is a massive database system that collects, organizes, and stores datasets for data analysis, distribution, and reporting. A successful data repository project gathers and combines information from several sources. This GitHub project makes use of data from a fictitious taxi firm called Olber. The information is gathered from two distinct devices. Each cab has a meter that transmits data about the time, distance, pickup and dropoff locations for each voyage.

  • Aviation Data Analysis using Big Data Tools:
    Aviation data may be used to segment passengers, study their behavioral patterns, and target them with relevant and tailored advertisements.
    This helps the airline improve customer service while also increasing customer loyalty and developing new revenue streams.
    In this use case, you will learn how to obtain streaming data from an API, cleanse the data, modify it to obtain insights, and lastly visualize the data in a dashboard.