What are some data engineering projects to add in your CV?

If you want to follow your career in Big Data engineering, you are looking for some solutions to make your CV according to the needs of the recruiters.

Adding a project to your Cv is one of the solutions, and the following are some projects to add to your CV:

Scrape Stock And Twitter Data Using Python, Kafka, and Spark

Stocks have been a hot topic, attracting significant outsider interest due to the advent of cryptocurrency exchanges and the change of GameStop stock.

If you are interested in stock trading markets, I recommend creating a project similar to CashTag, which a Reddit engineer created.

The purpose of this project was to form a “Big data pipeline for US stock market user sentiment research.”

In a nutshell, this project crawls social media to forecast how people will react to specific stocks in real-time.

Scrape Real-Estate Properties With Python And Create A Dashboard With It

Try a project like sspaeti’s 20-minute data engineering project to get hands-on experience with new technologies.

This project aims to form a tool that can help you choose the best house or rental property for you.

Web scraping tools like Beautiful Soup and Scrapy are used to capture data for this project.

As a data engineer, you should be familiar with writing Python programs that interact with HTML, and web scraping is a beautiful way to do it.

This project, interestingly, includes both Delta Lake and Kubernetes, which are both popular subjects right now.

Finally, no practical data engineering project is complete without a well-designed user interface to display your work.

For example, the UI of this project is powered by Superset.