What are some Data Engineering Case Study Interviews observations?

I have a few observations on this type of interview:

  • Nobody is familiar with all of the technology; there will always be gaps, probably a lot of them.

  • The initial purpose of this interview is to determine how well someone knows our industry: what techniques, design patterns, technologies, and products are they familiar with? What kind of knowledge have they gained about our industry? Do they know what the most prevalent architectural patterns entail?

  • My second purpose for this interview is to observe how they think about trade-offs: are they a fanatic who is blind to the flaws of their preferred technology stack? Or can they simply discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all products, technologies, and methods?

  • Being open about what you know, what you suspect, and what you don’t know is a plus in this situation. I’ve interviewed folks who tried to fake it or, worse, doubled back on their misunderstandings, and it just looks horrible.

  • Reading a lot is a wonderful approach to prepare.