What are some Computer science topics you should prepare for front-end interview?

Some businesses choose to recruit software engineers over front-end developers. This means that these companies want you to have a solid understanding of issues such as sound software design principles, scalable code architecture, and testing.

If your recruiter suggests you brush up on your knowledge of data structures and algorithms, this section is for you. If you choose, you can skip this part. It is okay if you do not have a computer science background. The majority of these principles are simple to grasp.

These are the fundamental data structures that you should be able to remember off the top of your head. Take the time to learn about them and then put them into practice in Javascript. If you are new to unit testing, start testing your data structure with a library like Mocha.

  • Lists that are linked
  • Hashtables
  • Queues and stacks
  • Branches of trees (binary trees and heaps)
  • Graphs

Know how to implement depth-first and breadth-first search traversals for graphs.

You can look to SanFoundry for implementations of these data structures.

Although all of their examples are written in Java, converting them to Javascript is simple.

Once you feel confident about data structures, you can move on to sorting. Please go over the list, write them in Javascript, and keep track of their time and space complexity.