What are some commonly used programming languages by the Front end developers?

The Front-end developer’s job is to develop a platform for customers’ use, and they might have to create those platforms using different tools. One of such tools is a Programming language.

Most front-end engineers spend a huge amount of time dealing with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and mastering each is critical to their success.

Programming languages use

HTML is used to make out a document’s normal structure and content, CSS is used for designing, and JavaScript is used for scenarios that demand advanced interactivity.

They may also employ AJAX (a JavaScript and XML combination) to update certain portions of a website without reloading the entire page.

Frameworks and libraries

Front-end developers frequently use libraries based on these programming languages, such as AngularJS, jQuery, and React and design frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap.

SASS and other CSS extensions boost the modularity and power of CSS.


Front-end developers can also utilize Python, Ruby, or PHP to connect data to the back end of their website, albeit these are less frequent.