What are some challenges in logistics and goods transportation industry?

Logistics Industry Challenges:

  1. Primary challenge in the logistics industry is the COST the transportation of goods from one location to another is not easy and it is expensive.
  2. The most expensive means of transportation is through AIR, generally important goods are transported through AIR, it is less time taking but is very expensive.
  3. The next medium of transport is through waterways and roadways.
  4. Waterways are generally used for international transportation, cargo ships carry goods from one country to another in this one of the risks is of packages gets lost.
  5. Challenges in roadways is that it requires experienced drivers to carry big loads in their trucks, and roadways are always prone to accidents.
  6. Goods are also transported through railways, these are cheap but the chances of goods be stolen also increases.
    Hence, these some challenges in logistics and transportation industry.