What are some career exit options for a product manager in a tech company?


  1. This is highly subjective. It varies from individual to individual.
    To generalize, project managers embark on a journey to become entrepreneurs to launch their businesses.

  2. Some of them become consultants, advising startups in their early stages of product development.
    PMs may also be educational consultants, taking product management classes online or in colleges.

  3. And, yes, the PM journey does lead to a career as a Venture Capitalist.

  4. With some re-skilling, you can transition into a UX design role if you have an eye for design and an interest in it.

  5. If you want to work in engineering or architecture, you must first assess what hard skills you need to develop and transition.

  6. If you are more interested in customer research and market research, product marketing management is a great path to take.

  7. Talk to people in these roles in your company to find out what skills they have, where you have gaps, and where your interests lie and then decide.