What are some built-in String Functions in Python?

These are some of the basic built-in string functions in python :

  • len(string): len or length function is used to find the character length of any string. len returns a number and it takes a string as an argument.

>>> s = "Hello" >>> print (len(s)) Output: 5

  • find(subString): In case you want to find the position of any character or of a subString within any given string, you can use the find function.

>>> s = "Hello" >>> ss = "He" >>> print (s.find(ss)) Output: 0

  • string_name.lower(): lower() function is used to convert all the uppercase characters present in a string into lowercase.

>>> print ("Hello, World".lower()); Output: hello, world

  • string_name.upper(): upper() is used to turn all the characters in a string to uppercase.

>>> print ("Hello, World".upper()); Output: HELLO, WORLD