What are some big corporations who hire big data engineers?

Big data engineers’ demand is increasing as the importance of data is increasing, and many big corporations are hiring big data professionals for strategic value.

Some of the corporations are as follows:


Data engineers earn an average of $103,000 per year.

AT&T is a telecommunications firm established in the United States that provides fixed and mobile networks.

AT&T is the world’s second-biggest mobile service provider and the largest fixed telephone service provider in the United States.

Starting with Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone, the corporation has transformed the way people live their life, work, and play for the past 144 years.

AT&T is now concentrating on three critical areas: internet connectivity, high-speed fiver, and a wireless broadband network that connects consumers and businesses across the United States.

Capital One

Data engineers earn an average of US$168,552 per year.

Richmond’s Capital One Financial Corporation, founded in 1994, is a diversified banking corporation specializing in consumer and commercial loans and deposit origination.

The bank mainly relies on marketing to advertise its banking and credit card products.

Capital One has purchased several other financial organizations over the years to expand its reach and cement its position among the top 15 banks in the United States.


Data engineers earn an average of $152,000 a year.

Salesforce is a customer relationship management system that connects businesses and their customers.

The company enables businesses’ marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT departments to collaborate and keep their customers happy from anywhere.

Salesforce began as a CRM Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider.

It now offers several software solutions and a platform on which users and developers may create and distribute custom applications.