What are some beginners online courses to do to become a data analyst?

There is a massive demand for data analytics in the present IT industry.

This post selects the best Data Analytics Courses to help you become a data analytics specialist.

Data analytics is collecting, evaluating, and converting data into relevant information that can be used to make decisions and increase productivity.

Here are some beginners-level online courses if you want to start your journey:

SQL - MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Database administration is critical in the age of big data and analytics; thus, learning SQL for data analytics is essential for a successful job as a data analyst.

Candidates who have been trained can send data and run queries without the assistance of others. They can delve further into the data and analyze it to find solutions that will help them improve their business practices.

The course takes you through the essentials, making it simple to follow.

It also teaches you how to work with real-world datasets through case studies.

The training goal is to enhance database administration abilities and analytical thinking to provide business insights.

Beginner Statistics for Data Analytics - Learn the Easy Way!

Have no prior experience with statistics yet are fascinated by the subject?

Then you might want to enroll in this Udemy course, which teaches enrolled students the fundamentals of statistics and regression analysis in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner.

The course includes three downloadable resources and three hours of on-demand video. Furthermore, you will have lifetime access to the system and will be able to watch it via mobile and television. You will be able to make better and more accurate data-driven judgments by the end of the course.

The course is broken down into 42 lectures. Although the lecture sequence recommended in class is favored, you are free to navigate through the video sessions in whatever order you like.

Complete Data Analysis Course with Pandas & NumPy: Python

At Udemy, the course is a best-seller. It’s perfect for anyone wishing to get their foot in the door of the lucrative field of data science. The course covers a variety of data analysis principles using NumPy and Pandas, two of the most popular Python data science packages.

NumPy specializes in machine learning tasks, whereas the Pandas package is designed for real-world data analysis in Python. Any starting Python coder interested in data analytics or data science should take this course.

The entire course is broken down into 99 video lectures. They have a total run time of about 11 and a half hours. An additional nine lessons have been included to help students understand how to work with the two most popular data science libraries.