What are some basic resume tips?

Everyone is unique out there and so are their resumes and CVs. A resume is a reflection of yourself and your professional journey. Since everyone s journey is different so should your resumes be, they are the elevator pitch of your profile therefore I advise you to not follow the pre-written template. These templates give limitations to your creativity and skills.

So what should be added to your resume and what should be your template? Don’t worry I got your back, here are a few tips that could help you:

  1. Consistent formatting- this includes aligning margins and consistent font sizes

  2. Concision- make sure your resume is only one page

  3. Concrete bullet points- be specific with what you do and try to include numbers wherever possible.

  4. Work experience- this includes your volunteer work, internship, and projects, it’s the most effective part of your resume and decides 40- 50% chances of getting selected.

  5. Extra-Curricular – It will be like a feather in your cap as it tells a lot about your character and personality.