What are simple tips for writing persuasive web content?

Youve got a great website. Beautiful layout, crisp poetic content, pictures taken from all the angles, description on point, yet somehow your sales are still hitting the rock bottom.

We understand how infuriating that can be, you seem to have it all together, yet the final outcome seems to disappear into the thin air. However, after our intense research and experience in the field of content writing, we finally figured out where it all begins to snowball: in the content itself.

Content is the king, and we back that up with every piece that weve written (and trust us, its a LOT).

No matter how great your website looks, if your content is ineffectual, then everything would tend to go downhill eventually.

Yup, poetry on your site is great, cool words too, but if you dont follow the golden rules of content writing, then yep that site is not going to be SEOs best friend.