What are roles and responsibilities of GF&BM Analyst at JP Morgan?

Join JP Morgan’s worldwide financial and business management team to better understand the company while learning how it operates, generates revenue, and manage expenses.

Working with its top-tier employees on projects that directly affect the firm’s bottom line, you’ll support certain lines of business or our corporate function.

We welcome your various opinions and perspectives from day one because you’ll be assessing data and providing insights to business leaders to help them make decisions about how we do business.

To ensure the firm can navigate all types of market scenarios while keeping a fortress balance sheet, you’ll combine innovative analysis methodologies, reliable reporting, and financial discipline.


You will work as a trusted advisor to business and group heads by identifying, escalating, and reducing business risks . Your responsibilities may vary depending on the role.

You’ll manage major initiatives, create financial statements and controls, and work on regulatory concerns to improve corporate performance.

You’ll do significant research and reporting, collaborate with colleagues throughout the company to provide strategic guidance, prepare budgets and projections, and help with large-scale initiatives across departments.

Learn the skills you’ll need for a diverse and satisfying profession that can take you anywhere.