What are Pareto Charts in Tableau?

A Pareto chart is a dual-axis combination chart in Tableau. On its primary axis, bars are used to show the basic raw quantities for each dimension, usually sorted in descending order and on the secondary axis, a line graph is used to show the cumulative total in a percentage format.

  1. Left join the Returns table to the Orders table

  2. Create a calculated field to count the number of returns

  3. Building the Pareto Chart :

  • First, you must create a bar chart that looks at the number of returns per Product Sub-Category and sort it in descending order.
  • Secondly, go ahead and create a dual-axis combination chart by dragging the Returns measure from the Measure Shelf to the right axis. Change the mark type on the primary axis back to bar and the secondary axis to line.
  • Now the step that makes a Pareto Chart a Pareto Chart. Adding a table calculation and a secondary table calculation to this Returns pill. This shall display the cumulative percent of returns across product sub-categories.