What are most popular MNC Comapanies hiring Data analysts?

Some of the big name that hire world wide are companies like IBM or ACCENTURE but there are also lots of local companies.

In India, there are several strong analytics businesses that hire data scientists and analysts.

  • Mu Sigma, ZS Associates, Tredence, Fractal, and others will be at the top, in no particular order. When we join one of these organisations, we will have the opportunity to work in numerous sector verticals such as retail, healthcare, technology, and so on.

Through their vast training programmes, they also give excellent opportunity to gain trade skills. Experience to several industry verticals is very crucial in my opinion since as a fresher, you don’t have much understanding about analytics and how it is applied in other businesses.

Some startups are looking for Data Analysts. The following businesses have recently launched-

  • Vahana Analytics, Finomena, Drivers Cart, Number Theory, Impact Analytics, Cloud Lending

That’s it!