What are jobs and duties of HR manager?

The role and responsibilities of HR manager are quite wide they deals with various organisational aspects such as :
Training of employees
Job analysis
Leave allocation
Conflict resolution
Skills development

Any company’s success and survival depend heavily on the people it recruits as its employees, the skills they need to master to keep the company running, with updates in them with changing time, and the work environment that keeps the atmosphere motivated and cooperative to achieve common goals. The Human Resources Manager happens to be an important part in all these activities.
The Human Resource Manager or the HR Manager has following responsibilities in a firm or an organization:

  1. Recruitment: To chalk out the plan of filling the right people at right places, with the optimum skill set for the job.
  2. Onboarding: They should also plan for a streamlined and smooth onboarding of the new recruits into organisation, with orientation and their introduction to the workspace.
  3. Conflict Management: They need to mediate between the conflicting parties on various issues.
  4. Conducting Performance Review: An integral part to motivate the workforce and match the performance with goals.
  5. Reporting and Presentation: Making Reports on the current status of the workforce, their issues and the way they are affecting the firm.
  6. Taking Disciplinary Action: They are also responsible of handling complaints and taking actions against erratic behavior and toxic culture that is detrimental for the firm and work environment.
  7. Training: They also have to keep an eye on upscaling and updating the set of skills required to keep the work force competitive and make the work place more inclusive and progressive.