What are Google’s thoughts on duplicate content?

Many great posts have been published by Googlers. I’m going to give you a summary of the best parts, but I recommend reading over the posts as well.

  • Duplicate content doesn’t cause your site to be penalized.
  • Googlers know that users want diversity in the search results and not the same article over and over, so they choose to consolidate and show only one version.
  • Google actually designed algorithms to prevent duplicate content from affecting webmasters. These algorithms group the various versions into a cluster, the “best” URL in the cluster is displayed, and they actually consolidate various signals (such as links) from pages within that cluster to the one being shown. They even went as far as [saying]), “If you don’t want to worry about sorting through duplication on your site, you can let us worry about it instead.”
  • Duplicate content is not grounds for action unless its intent is to manipulate search results.
  • About the worst thing that can happen from this filtering is that a less desirable version of the page will be shown in search results.
  • Google tries to determine the original source of the content and display that one.
  • If someone is duplicating your content without permission, you can request to have it removed by [filing a requestunder the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • Do not block access to duplicate content. If they can’t crawl all the versions, they can’t consolidate the signals.
    I hope you find this information helpful…see you on the next topic