What are Forms in CSS?

Forms are a very essential part of any website. It is a way to take the user’s information and process requests. The forms offer controls for almost every use of an application. With the help of form controls and form fields, we can request a small as well as a large amount of information.

To add a form to a webpage, we have to add the <form> element. All the input fields and form controls should be wrapped in an element. There are lots of attributes available for the form element but the most used or important ones are action and method.

  • ext fields in CSS: The text fields are used to collect information from the user. This can be created by using the <input> element and its type attribute that describes which type of information we want to be entered by the user.
  • Text Area in CSS: The text area is used to take text-based information only. The text area field can be created by using the element.
  • Radio Buttons in CSS Forms: Radio buttons are used when we want to give multiple choices to the user but want only one answer in response. The radio buttons are created by using the <input> element and the value of the type attribute must be radio (type=“radio”).