What are Excel ADD-INS

Excel add-ins work like applications that you download or buy for your mobile phone or computer. These are mini software tools you can install into Microsoft Excel and add many functionalities such as shortcuts, tasks, and time-saving options that you cannot find in a standalone Excel app.

Third parties create Excel add-ins to provide Excel users wide-ranging capabilities and save their time and efforts. Developing these add-ins requires coding expertise in languages such as XML and VBA and providing a simple-to-use interface that complements Excel.

Where can you find Excel add-ins?

There are 2000+ Excel add-ins in the market, and they can work on certain versions of Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Finding Excel add-ins is easy with a few steps:

  • Open any document or create a new one in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
  • On Windows, you will find the “insert” tab in the opened document. Just click on it and choose “My Add-ins” to see the list of all the add-ins available.
  • Open the add-ins window and click on the “Store.” Now, you can find add-ins and install the one you want by clicking on “Add.”
    How to use: Once you install an Excel add-in of your choice, you need to locate it inside the Excel spreadsheet. You can find it on the ribbon menu in Windows or macOS, but it appears as a button that you can find at the top of emails you have received.

If you still cannot find it, revisit the Excel add-ins window and select your preferred add-in. Click “Add.” This will launch the Excel add-in in your task panel inside the Excel application.

How to delete: If you want to delete an Excel add-in you have installed, there’s no provision to do that. But you can disable or hide them. For this, open the Excel Add-ins window and look for “Manage My Add-ins,” and click on it. Next, go to “My Account” from the dropdown to click on “Hide.” This will hide the add-in you don’t want to use anymore.

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