What are different roles available in AI?

The growth of this industry is inevitable. Forbes has predicted that job roles in this industry will experience a dramatic growth of 70% or more. However, this industry requires certain very specific roles and job description. Certain roles to be on the lookout for are:

1.Machine Learning Engineer – Along with analysis of customer insights, it also requires simplifying MI solutions for the company.
2.Artificial Intelligence Engineer – The role extends from handling AI infrastructure to test and apply AI algorithms.
3.Research Scientist – A research scientist can turn tables anytime with reinforcement learning and benchmarked graphical models.
4.Data Scientist – They research and experiment with data patterns that can impact the future positively.
5.Big Data Engineer – They basically are involved in maintaining and developing big data architectures that is capable of extracting business0aligned outcomes.
6.AI Data Analyst – They perform activities such as data mining, data cleaning and data interpretation. Important inferences are drawn by them