What are different job opportunities after MBA in operations:

Job opportunities after MBA in operations is vast, big MNC’s offer big packages to students who have done their MBA in operations profile. Some of the companies who hire students from operations domain are:
Johnson and Johnson
FedEx Corporation
Deloitte Consulting
Hence, these are the some companies who hire students from MBA operations specialization.
The job role for the MBA operations is also vast the job role vary from industry to industry, some of the popular job roles after MBA in operations are :
Production Analyst
Inventory Manager
Quality and product manager
Supply chain manager
System Engineer
Purchasing Manager
Distribution Manager
Some of the best business schools offering MBA in operations are:

Following are some of the different profiles you could pursue after earning an MBA in operations management. We shall be using general terms because the terminology varies from company to firm and industry to industry.

Planning: This would mostly involve your efforts in forecasting/demand planning for various product aspects. Infrastructure and facility planning is part of the effort.

Procurement refers to the purchasing and sourcing of raw materials utilised by businesses.

Plant Operations: This includes the manufacture of raw materials and the transformation of them into finished commodities. Maintaining plant operational efficiency, fulfilling production deadlines, and other essential deliverables could be among them.

Warehousing: This refers to storing items at all stages of production, from raw materials to completed goods. This includes inventory management and warehouse management, among other things.

Logistics: This comprises the transportation of commodities from the point of purchase through the delivery of finished goods to retail outlets.

When compared to other programmes, the opportunities for a fresher in MBA operations are extremely limited. If you have a mechanical engineering or ECE degree as a background, you will have certain challenges in finding work.