What are different HR roles and salaries in demand in India?

The Human Resources Management wing is a very vital part of an organization, which can make or break it. Hence, retaining and attracting the best available talent of the field through attractive salary packages, along with the general nature and opportunity offered in the job, is very strategic part of a firm, which is planned well given the market conditions, their requirements and their finances.

In India, given the talent pool a company has to look for its requirements, it is easy to get swayed and commit mistakes. Plus, the competition to get the right fit candidate is also very high, with a number of companies working in the same sector and trying their best to lure the best talent.

Not to forget, in the post pandemic era, where the labor situation has been a bit tighter post opening up of economic spaces, and the management of the workforce through remote and virtual means is a norm, the companies need the most efficient HR team in place to handle this.

The salary package of the HR personnel can vary on the basis of many factors like their experience in the field, skills, alma mater’s reputation, skills and other things. Let’s discuss the various profiles available in India, along with the average salary package they are offered.

The Entry level-The Assistant HR manager:

They basically aid the HR manager in the everyday job they face. They take the load off the shoulders through assisting them in operations, which may be assigned to them to look on behalf of the manager. Since the manager can’t be present everywhere at the same time, it is these assistant HR managers who visit campuses, or look closely at the available list of candidates, managing and conducting orientation sessions and onboarding, and preparing reports for the further analysis and decision making of the manager.

Based on the experience and expertise in the line of business, the salary of an assistant HR manager can vary anywhere between a annual 3 lakh rupees to 9 lakh rupees, placing the average package around 6 lakh rupees per annum.

One step up-The HR Manager:

The HR manager is at the center of the activity and planning center of the HR operations, coordinating everything from the drafting to execution. They do so with help from the assistant HR managers, and they also look after the budget needs of the programs.

They are shadowed by the assistant HR managers, whom they provide mentorship and training to prepare them for their role in coming years when they move up the ladder. The HR managers approve leaves, vacations, reimbursements and other contractual benefits.

The salary of the HR managers can range from anywhere around 5 lakh rupees per annum at the inexperienced end to 20 lakh rupees with a more skilled and experienced profile.

The expertise factor-Staffing Manager:

Sometimes, instead of taking a more generalist approach while planning your career, you take on the expert approach and through experience, and courses and certifications, become more of a consultant and expert in the staffing and recruiting operations. Then you are a staffing manager, whose services are being taken for the requirement of picking up the best talent after having a look at the requirement of the organization and placing them at the right place through training and smooth onboarding.

The salary of the staffing manager ranges from 5 lakh rupees annually at a more nascent level of the career to around 20 lakh rupees at a more experienced stage.

Handling the payroll-Compensation Manager:

Balancing the requirements and aspirations of the employee with the financial status and performance of the company is very essential to attract and retain the talented workforce. This makes the job of the compensation manager so important, who, along with the HR department, will be designing and implementing the compensation plans of the company, based on various factors like performance, trends in the world of labor market, the government regulations and most importantly, the balance sheet of the organization.

The salary they receive is anywhere between 6 lakh rupees annually at an inexperienced level to up to 40 lakh rupees annually for people who have an expertise in the field through years of experience.