What are Data Frames in R?

Dataframes are generic data objects of R which are used to store the tabular data. Dataframes are the foremost popular data objects in R programming because we are comfortable in seeing the data within the tabular form. They are two-dimensional, heterogeneous data structures. These are lists of vectors of equal lengths.

Data frames have the following constraints placed upon them:

A data-frame must have column names and every row should have a unique name.
Each column must have the identical number of items.
Each item in a single column must be of the same data type.
Different columns may have different data types.

To create a data frame we use the data.frame() function.


 # R program to illustrate dataframe
# A vector which is a character vector
Name = c("Amiya", "Raj", "Asish")
# A vector which is a character vector
Language = c("R", "Python", "Java")
# A vector which is a numeric vector
Age = c(22, 25, 45)
# To create dataframe use data.frame command
# and then pass each of the vectors
# we have created as arguments
# to the function data.frame()
df = data.frame(Name, Language, Age)


 Name Language Age
1 Amiya        R  22
2   Raj   Python  25
3 Asish     Java  45