What are Cloud security best practices?

Cloud security best practices

There are separate SaaS best practices, PaaS best practices and IaaS best practices. Organizations should also adhere to a number of general cloud security best practices, including the following:

  1. Understand the shared responsibility model, including the responsibilities of your CSPs and your security team.
  2. Choose your CSPs wisely. Know what security controls they offer, and review contracts and service-level agreements (SLAs) diligently.
  3. Adopt a strong, granular IAM policy to control who has access to what. Employ the principle of least privilege (POLP), and require strong passwords and 2FA or MFA.
  4. Encrypt data in at rest, in use and in motion.
  5. Maintain cloud visibility through continuous monitoring.
  6. Understand cloud compliance requirements and regulations.
  7. Establish and enforce cloud security policies.
  8. Conduct security awareness training for employees, third-party partners and anyone accessing organizational cloud resources.
  9. Segment clouds and workloads.