What are big data interview questions

The number of skilled data experts is increasing as Big Data professionals are in high demand.

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions in Big Data interviews, along with solutions, to guide both freshers and experienced experts in the industry.

1. Explain the relation between Hadoop and Big Data

Apache Hadoop is a framework that provides us with a variety of facilities and tools for storing and developing Big Data. It helps in analyzing Big Data and making business choices based on it.

2. Define the phrase "FSCK."
File System Check is an HDFS command. The Hadoop summary report, FSCK (File System Check) is used to explain the condition of the Hadoop file system.

3. Distinguish between HDFS and Nas.
Data Blocks in HDFS are distributed across all of a cluster’s machines. NAS, on the other hand, stores data on physical servers.

4. Is there a common way to implement Hadoop?
No, there is now a standard technique for implementing Hadoop data. All Hadoop distributions must meet a few basic criteria. However, each Hadoop administrator’s specific procedures will vary.

5. Explain the Reducer’s fundamental techniques.
• setup(): Sets various parameters.
• reduce(): A decreased task-related parameter that is invoked once per key.
• cleanup(): Only invoked at the end of a reducer task.

Apart from them, you should prepare for the following Big Data interview questions:

  1. What is distcp?
  2. Explain the concept of HDFS indexing.
  3. What are Hadoop Edge Nodes?
  4. Explain Resource Manager
  5. What is Name Node
  6. What Does a Checkpoint Node Mean?
  7. What is rack awareness?
  8. Define backup node
  9. What is Data Recovery in Hadoop
  10. What Exactly Is A Block?