What are best resources to follow to be a data analyst?

There is certain skills required to be a Data analyst, I’ll list them as follows:

- Learn about basic statistics and maths
Learning the math around data is very important as at the end of the day if you don’t know how to play with the data every other skill will be redundant. Many general books are available in the public domain for you to start engrossing yourself.

- Learn programming related to the field
This is a must for the field as with the knowledge from the first point you’ll be able to apply it through programming. Python, R and SAS are some very popular languages Data analyst can use. Think about learning different libraries too.

- Learn Visualization of data
What’s the point processing the data if you can show it. Learn tools like power BI to represent data in a way that it makes sense.

Further, learning sills like ML is always a plus in your CV.