What are best resources to follow for a Business Analyst?

Some of the best resources to folow are:

https://www.batimes.com/ : The BA Times is a website dedicated to business analysts. There are thousands of business analysis articles, webinars, whitepapers, templates, jobs, books, and other resources available.

https://www.bridging-the-gap.com/ : Bridging the Gap offers virtual, instructor-led courses and on-the-job resources to professionals who wish to begin or advance their careers in business analysis.

https://www.adaptiveus.com/blog : Adaptive US provides 200 business analysis articles produced by specialists in the field, as well as IIBA certification training.

https://businessanalysisexperts.com/the-business-analysis-experts-blog/ : Anyone wearing the ‘BA hat’ who wants to improve their business analysis abilities, techniques, and results can take advantage of BA-EXPERTS’ self-paced and instructor-led business analysis training.

https://www.adrianreed.co.uk/ : Adrian Reed is a Principal Consultant and Director at Black metric Business Solutions, where he delivers business analysis consulting and training to a variety of clients across a wide range of industries. Subscribe to this blog to receive Adrian Reed’s writings on Business Analysis, Business Change, and Management.