What are being offered by JP Morgan if Joined their FAST section

To know more about the FAST program , read - FAST Program - JP Morgan

FAST Cohorts will be exposed to a wide range of analytics approaches, business lines, and datasets while assisting in the management and execution of end-to-end solutions for analytics output, data products, and data infrastructure to help the company grow .


While there will be no formal ‘rotational’ program with specific timelines for new rotations, FAST Analysts and Associates will spend up to two years with the group in a consulting-like environment, gaining exposure to a wide range of issues and Lines of Business throughout Chase’s consumer operations.

Projects might last anywhere from four weeks to several months, providing ample possibilities for a wide range of experiences.


The program begins with a month-long training “boot camp” before going to more organized instructor-led and self-paced training.

You’ll have mentorship opportunities throughout the program to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed.

Career progression

Participants are expected to leave FAST to continue building their skillset with one of our Lines of Business , but the timing is up to you.

If you appreciate the variety of FAST, you can stay for more than two years and assist in training future classes while leading a variety of initiatives across Chase’s companies.