What are basic Etiquettes in Personal Interview (PI - CAT)?

In any Personal Interview, you will be expected to follow certain interviewer expectations. During the heat of the moment, you may forget some necessary steps as well. It would be best to keep these in mind not to lose points in the personal interview.

  • Be on time, Particularly in an online scenario.
  • Check your internet connection during the interview. There may be some leeway as the internet is not your fault, but the interviewer will feel bad, and your chances might be lowered
  • Don’t change the tabs during the interview, as the interviewer can guess by observing your facial expression.
  • Pay attention to the interviewer, ask if you didn’t get the question but don’t ask them because you are not paying attention.
  • Talk only when the interviewer stops, don’t talk over the panelists
  • Do not talk down on the institution even if you don’t like it.
  • Maintain an alert and proper body posture during the interview.
  • Don’t forget to say Hello and thank you to the panelists.