What are basic DBMS interview questions

The DBMS provides a centralized view of knowledge that may be accessed in a regulated way by numerous users from different places. The interview procedure for DBMS is to test your knowledge and soft skills with optimum productivity.

Following are some frequently asked questions for a database management interview:

1. Give a brief explanation of the term DBMS.
A database management system (DBMS) is a collection of tools that allow users to store and access data from a database reliably.

2. What is a checkpoint?
Checkpoint is the technique to remove previous data from the system and store them permanently on a storage drive.

3. Define a data model
The logical structure of a database is called a data model. It explains the database design in terms of entities, properties, data relationships, constraints, and so on.

4. Distinguish between an entity and an attribute?
An attribute is a column or specialized field of the data components associated with an entity, whereas an entity is a section of a table that maintains information about people, locations, or events.

5. What does it mean to be data independent?
Data independence refers to the software’s independence from data storage and access strategies.

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